SmartBody,–,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Fat,,/apprizement150789.html,Body,48円,Scale,Scale+Bluetooth,White 予約 SmartBody Scale+Bluetooth Body Fat White – Scale 48円 SmartBody Scale+Bluetooth Body Fat Scale – White Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment 48円 SmartBody Scale+Bluetooth Body Fat Scale – White Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment SmartBody,–,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Fat,,/apprizement150789.html,Body,48円,Scale,Scale+Bluetooth,White 予約 SmartBody Scale+Bluetooth Body Fat White – Scale

予約 SmartBody Scale+Bluetooth 購入 Body Fat White – Scale

SmartBody Scale+Bluetooth Body Fat Scale – White


SmartBody Scale+Bluetooth Body Fat Scale – White

Product description


Use the At Home Body Fat Scale to help your members reach their weight loss/gain goals in the privacy of their own homes. The At Home Body Fat Scale can be packaged in a program or included in membership fees as a way to attract and retain members. Utilize this and the SmartScale+ (DB220/DB221) to easily organize and manage 90-day challenges within your facility. The connectivity of Accuro products with the Accuro Health App makes it simple to implement and manage the complicated program. Accuro helps you improve the member experience and increase member satisfaction.

Product Description

Use the At Home Body Fat Scale to help your members reach their weight loss/gain goals in the privacy of their own homes. The connectivity of Accuro products with the Accuro Health App makes it simple to implement and manage the complicated program. Accuro helps you improve the member experience and increase member satisfaction.

SmartBody Scale+Bluetooth Body Fat Scale – White


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