Deflectors,Toyota,Automotive , Replacement Parts,201,Window,Goodyear,,/anticous555937.html,Shatterproof,RAV4,for,Side,42円 Goodyear Shatterproof Side Window Deflectors for Toyota RAV4 期間限定送料無料 201 42円 Goodyear Shatterproof Side Window Deflectors for Toyota RAV4 201 Automotive Replacement Parts 42円 Goodyear Shatterproof Side Window Deflectors for Toyota RAV4 201 Automotive Replacement Parts Deflectors,Toyota,Automotive , Replacement Parts,201,Window,Goodyear,,/anticous555937.html,Shatterproof,RAV4,for,Side,42円 Goodyear Shatterproof Side Window Deflectors for Toyota RAV4 期間限定送料無料 201

Goodyear Shatterproof Side ◆高品質 Window Deflectors for Toyota RAV4 期間限定送料無料 201

Goodyear Shatterproof Side Window Deflectors for Toyota RAV4 201


Goodyear Shatterproof Side Window Deflectors for Toyota RAV4 201

Product description

Size:Fit 2013-2018, Tape-on + gift

GOODYEAR SIDE WINDOW DEFLECTORS the famous high quality tape-on rain guards that let you drive with your window down in rain, snow, ice and other inclement conditions.

- Made from durable, shatterproof polycarbonate
- Allows fresh air circulation
- Protects from rain and snow
- Great for hot days and smokers
- Backed by Limited Lifetime Warranty
- Windows close tightly
- Fits on top mirror mounts, no need to remove
- Gives your vehicle a cool upgraded look
- Car wash friendly

- Toyota RAV4 2013-2018 SUV

2 Front deflectors with 3M VHB tape applied
2 Rear deflectors with 3M VHB tape applied
2 Degrease wipes
Installation instructions
Branded Goodyear color box

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ensures this will be your best bet for a pleasing no-risk purchase. Many customers love these Goodyear Window Guards so much they return to buy more. This makes a much appreciated gift for friends, family, and co-workers.

Goodyear Shatterproof Side Window Deflectors for Toyota RAV4 201

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